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Fundraising A-Z

There are hundreds of enjoyable ways to help raise funds for the Hospice.

Here are over 200 organised alphabetically - try and do one from each letter of the alphabet!

  • Bad tie day

    Charge your colleagues a pound to come in wearing their loudest tie. Award the winner.

  • Baked Bean Bath

    Get sponsored to spend the day in a bath/Jacuzzi of baked beans. Charge friends to join you.

  • Balloon Race

    Sell balloons that are filled with helium; the purchasers' name and address are written on a tag fixed to the balloon. The balloon that travels the furthest wins a prize

  • Balloon Rides

    Offer as a prize for raffle/auction, or sell trips in a chartered balloon.

  • Barbecue Bash

    Everybody loves a BBQ so get the sausages sizzling and the kebabs cooking. Grab a few beers and some soft drinks and ask for a donation from each guests for your fantastic fodder!

  • Battle of the Bands

    Contest for unsigned bands, where audience votes on the winner. Charge bands to enter, offer cash prizes and invite record producers. Sell tickets and set up a paying bar.

  • Beat the Goalie

    Score a goal and win a prize. Footballers pay to enter.

  • Bed Push

    The 'bed' can be anything from a hospital bed to a four-poster or even a 3-piece suite!

  • Beer Festival

    Stock up on international beers, food and music. Remember to check licensing laws.

  • Bingo

    Hold a one-off evening or regular morning sessions.

  • Board Games Evening

    Invite friends over to play Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo and more. Charge entrance or game fee.

  • Boat Race

    Teams build model boats and race them. Alternatively, use real yachts, dinghies or canoes.

  • Boat Trips

    Organise a cruise down a nearby river or canal. Include refreshments & entertainment.

  • Bonny Baby Contest

    Charge proud parents to show off their offspring in the town centre. Invite the local press.

  • Book Sale

    Sell old books, collected from everyone you know. Book dealers may buy leftover stock.

  • Bouncy Castle

    A great way to keep kids entertained at bigger family events. Bouncing fee.

  • Bungee Jump

    Raise sponsorship by flying in the face of fear.

  • Burns Night

    Theme evening with Scottish dancing, Haggis, Nepes and Tatties. Admission fee.

  • Bag it Up!

    Contact your local supermarket and see if they give you a day to 'bag pack' for customers. We can provide you with T-shirts and collection buckets, a great way to raise the £££s!