Building a new home for Glasgow's Hospice

We’ve outgrown our much-loved Hospice building in Carlton Place – it no longer meets our requirements or vision for the future of care of patients and their families.

The brand new, purpose-built Hospice in Bellahouston Park will bring 21st century Hospice care to the people of Glasgow who will benefit from our support at the most difficult times of their lives. We will be able to offer the privacy, choice and compassionate care that all with a life limiting illness should have.

We’re delighted to announce that with your incredible support, we are now 67% of the way towards our £21million. The progress that has been made is fantastic and we wouldn’t have come this far without the people of Glasgow and further afield.

With only a year until the build in Bellahouston Park, the race is now on. Please continue with us on this journey and help build your new Hospice. 

Experience what the new Hospice will look like with our video fly-through:

Why We're Moving

The Hospice’s current facility at Carlton Place has served Glasgow exceptionally well over the years. However, due to the increasing demand for our care and ongoing development of services, the building is now at capacity. The decision was taken in 2011 to embark on the challenge of building a new hospice for the people of Glasgow ensuring access for all. 

This development will be a major step forward in the provision of palliative care services for the people of Glasgow and will provide us with the flexibility to develop and improve our current services and lower our age limit to 15 year old patients. 


The Current Challenge: Currently only one of our 14 beds gives the ideal level of privacy and amenity for patients and their families. 10 of our beds are in shared wards impacting on privacy, comfort and restricting admissions due to gender mixing rules

The Future of Our Care: 16 en-suite bedrooms, generously sized, allowing privacy and comfort for every patient and family. Rooms will have space for loved ones to stay overnight, eat together and experience the comforts of home. If wished, the bedroom can be opened fully to a social area ensuring patients feel connected and secure.

Family Facilities

The Current Challenge: Accommodation for families wishing to stay overnight is inadequate. Currently they must sleep on a fold out bed next to the patient or on a couch. There is only private space for one family to be together from the bedside.

The Future of Our Care: We want families to feel at home with increased private space and self- catering facilities. We will also have two three bed family suites which allow private rest away from the bed space. There is also a dedicated children’s play lounge which opens onto a safe courtyard.



The Current Challenge: The provision of outpatient care is limited by space. There is only one social area, one clinical consulting room, one room for complementary therapies and no room for clinical treatments.

The Future of Our Care: The greatest increase in space and facilities in the new Hospice is in the outpatient area. This will allow us to develop new ways of supporting patients and their families, including young adults. It will include a total of eight more rooms for clinics, complementary therapies, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, art therapy, counselling and day services.

Young People

The Current Challenge: There are no facilities or specially designed services for those aged 15 and above as part of the transition from child to adult palliative care. Whilst our current environment is welcoming, it is not suitable for young adults.

The Future of Our Care: As our services for young people develop, a dedicated lounge will allow them to have their own space and enjoy the company of their friends. It can be used by inpatient or outpatient groups and will help us to offer age appropriate care. Two additional beds will be available for young people with palliative care needs.

Outdoor Space

The Current Challenge: We have limited outdoor space which has restricted access and is remote from the inpatient unit. It is a challenge for our patients to access. The garden is completely inaccessible for those patients restricted to their beds.

The Future of Our Care: All bedrooms lead directly onto beautiful gardens designed specifically for patients and families to enjoy. Gardens are fully accessible for every patient even in their bed. They have been designed to give pleasure all year round with private areas to sit and easy paths to follow.

How you can help

There are many ways you can help raise funds for the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice's move to a brand new facility by doing the things you enjoy or by challenging yourself while supporting a great cause.

Whether you make a donation, take part in an event, get your company involved or make a regular gift via Direct Debit your support helps us to make a difference.

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